Raw and Honest Blog of a New Single Mom

I am a single mother of a biracial baby boy just trying to make it on my own. This journey is hard, yet rewarding. Blogging is my therapy, these words are my heart, and people doing better and being inspired by what I have written is my passion and hope.

Young, Single, Pregnant Mama

Posted on | November 10, 2008 | 1 Comment

Hello and welcome to my blog! I just learned a week ago (November 3, 2008) that I am pregnant with my first child. This came as quite a shock to me as I simply had no idea and was not expecting this. I am 23 years old and single. I had so much planned for my life. What I was gonna do, where I was gonna go. Like many other woman I had planned that I was gonna get married to the perfect husband , live in a big house with a white picket fence, have a little dog and then finally have the perfect children. All in my 30s. Waaay in my 30s.

The plan was that my 20s would be party time. Well I guess party time just got a bit real! I admit I thought I was invincible and now I’m spiraling back down to earth. In a bittersweet way.

I’ve knowingly been pregnant one week and have already suffered some of the most dramatic BS of my life .. with the father, with my ever changing emotions, my fears, my expectations, concerns for my baby..

I figure its best to have a blog and document my emotions along the way, because my friends (who are awesome) have heard it all .. over and over and I think it would be nice to put some of my story out in the open and maybe someday this blog may help and comfort someone who is going through what I am going through right now.

I’m sleepy right now so I’ll write more later!